Cuttery Open


Dimension Width : 50 cmHeight : 10 cmLength : 50 cm ColorGreyFeatures And BenefitsWash and dry ramekins, utensils, mixing bowls, and more in this full-size beige flatware rack! This full-size flatware rack is ideal for thoroughly cleaning all of your smaller dish-ware and flatware. With its tight mesh sides and bottom grid, this rack prev..

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Heavy Open Deck pallete



2-3 Days

open plastic box


Dimensions:60* 40* 10 cm..

Open Rack Extender


DimensionWidth : 50 cmHeight : 5 cmLength : 50 cmColorGreyFeatures And BenefitsThis glass rack extender is perfect for integrating into your existing ware-washing system.This glass rack is great for storage, providing excellent protection to minimize costly replacement of broken pieces.This extender is also a great addition to color-coded systems, ..

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